From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclauseclause /klɔːz $ klɒːz/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable] 1 SCLa part of a written law or legal document covering a particular subject of the whole law or document A confidentiality clause was added to the contract.2 SLG technical a group of words that contains a subject and a verb, but which is usually only part of a sentence
Examples from the Corpus
clauseThe agreement included a clause setting up a joint committee to oversee air quality.The law includes a clause which allows a delay of one and a half years for its application for some users.Courts ruled that prayer in school violates a clause of the First Amendment.A clause in the contract states when payment must be made.The compulsory clauses of the memorandum are only part of it.It also covers a selection of other contract clauses frequently encountered in many types of commercial agreement, for example confidentiality clauses.An important preliminary point is that the dividing line between an exclusion clause and a disclosure clause may be thin.In the sentence "Can you tell me what time it is?" 'Can you tell me' is the main clause, and 'what time it is' is a subordinate clause.We will go to the theatre tonight [main clause] if we can get tickets [subordinate clause].In many cases it may be impossible to predict with certainty whether or not a particular clause will be effective.Later, I had cause to be grateful for that clause.However, the clause did not make this clear.I was told that this clause would be removed from the contract.
From King Business Dictionaryclauseclause /klɔːzklɒːz/ noun [countable] LAWCOMMERCEa part of a written law, contract, or legal document that deals with a particular item or subjectClause 12 enables the Secretary of State to make orders to protect pension rights. assignment clause average clause break clause breakdown clause commerce clause confidentiality clause continuation clause enabling clause escalator clause escape clause gagging clause get-out clause grandfather clause objects clause penalty clause see also Institute ClausesOrigin clause (1200-1300) Old French Medieval Latin clausa end of a sentence, from Latin claudere; CLOSE1