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classicalclas‧si‧cal /ˈklæsɪkəl/ ●●○ W3 AWL adjective 1 TRADITIONbelonging to a traditional style or set of ideasclassical ballet/dance etc the classical theory of relativity2 relating to music that is considered to be important and serious and that has a value that continues for a long timeclassical music/musician/composer etc a leading classical violinist a classical repertoire3 SHSGrelating to the language, literature etc of ancient Greece and Rome classical literature a classical scholar classical mythology4 (also classic) typical of a particular thing or situation the classical argument against democracyclassically /-kli/ adverb a classically trained singer Classically, infection appears in the lower jaw.
Examples from the Corpus
classicalclassical architecturea classical CDThe vase is a piece of modern art done in a classical Chinese style.Newtonian mechanics, wave optics and classical electromagnetism all constituted and perhaps constitute paradigms and qualify as sciences.What, then, of the notion of a late classical fusion of legacy and trust?But these classical kids just stood around in rehearsal waiting to be shown what to do.Moreover, the specific Newtonian scheme has given rise to a remarkable body of mathematical ideas known as classical mechanics.This is probably the safest choice that a rookie classical music giver can make this season.The problem involves classical physics, as opposed to quantum physics.Lima is one of Brazil's top classical pianists.Behind the harpsichord and under the window there was a low glass cabinet which contained two or three classical pieces.The San Diego Symphony may be mired in bankruptcy, but classical radio never has been livelier.Of classical style this piece was certainly an import and it reveals the high quality of the Roman art form.classical ballet/dance etcBlack dancers fared even worse in classical ballet.But he thought the piece needed more work, and he wanted to get a better feeling for the classical ballet.It has evolved from the simplest folk through the mannered court and finally to the expert classical dance.Purely classical ballets are still popular, so there have to be choreographers who understand and mould the technique.The above examples are all slightly parodied versions of classical dance steps.Olivia Rojo boasts more than two decades of classical dance training.But this was only innovative in so far as classical ballet was concerned as there are many 5/4 Slav folk dances.classical music/musician/composer etcShe grew up to love classical music.As a social service, how about installing our own classical music boom box?It's learned, hieratic, almost classical music, made by players from an hereditary elite.Only listened to classical music on the radio or her beloved Chopin on the gramophone.The bus driver washed the windows as a classical music tape played from his dashboard.The series of four concerts aims to bring classical music to a wider audience, although the tickets aren't cheap.The chef also goes with scallops, and as we both eat contentedly, classical music wafts softly throughout the well-appointed room.A lot of jazz and classical music was part of my music too, thanks to my uncle.
Origin classical (1500-1600) Latin classicus; CLASSIC1