From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclapclap1 /klæp/ ●●○ verb (clapped, clapping) 1 [intransitive, transitive]PRAISE to hit your hands against each other many times to make a sound that shows your approval, agreement, or enjoymentapplause One man began to clap, and others joined in. The couple were cheered and clapped on their arrival. The audience clapped politely but without much enthusiasm.2 [transitive] if you clap your hands, you hit your hands together a few times to attract someone’s attention or to show that you are pleased Narouz clapped his hands and a servant entered. Mandy laughed and clapped her hands in delight.3 [transitive] to put your hand on something quickly and firmly ‘Mick!’ She clapped her hand over her mouth. ‘I’d forgotten!’ Ben grinned and clapped me amiably on the shoulder.4 clap eyes on somebody/something5 clap somebody in prison/jail/ironsclapping noun [uncountable] Each song was greeted with enthusiastic clapping.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
clapThe sound of no hands clapping.This measurement was for his new uniform, she assured him, while his colleagues wolf-whistled and clapped.Nutty got a glimpse of Gloria and Seb, jaws dropping, as everyone started to jeer and clap.The audience clapped and cheered.The audience cheered and clapped as the curtain came down.Mrs. Phillips clapped her hands and yelled at the dog to come inside.Jack clapped him on the shoulder.I might jump up and clap my hands.Fans usually clap the batsman when he leaves the field.A crowd gathered to watch the runners, clapping their hands and urging them on.Where Turtles us'd to clap their silken Wings.His hands were clapped to his face, and almost at once blood began trickling through his fingers.clapped ... hand overDad clapped his hands over his cheeks when the thunderbolt struck.They were just slowly crawling around. l clapped my hands over them.
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clapclap2 noun 1 [singular]PRAISE the loud sound that you make when you hit your hands together many times to show that you enjoyed somethinggive somebody a clap British English Come on everyone, let’s give Tommy a clap.2 DN[singular] a sudden loud noise an ear-splitting clap of thunder3 the clap
Examples from the Corpus
clapI give her a clap and turn round.Witnesses recalled a clap of wood and the sight of Bailey plunging toward the ground, then his dangling body spinning hard.The thought of another dose of clap flashed across his mind.Check the responses after all the claps.Under those trees no dragons could fly ... He heard the clap of wings before shadows folded around him.Some ten seconds later, we heard the clap of thunder.After a while the clapping died down.give somebody a clapWhen they stop I give them a clap, but no one else does.I give her a clap and turn round.clap of thunderThere is a clap of thunder and the garden disappears.Suddenly we nearly jumped out of our skins as there was an incredible clap of thunder.Some ten seconds later, we heard the clap of thunder.
Origin clap1 Old English clæppan clap2 1. (1300-1400) CLAP12. (1500-1600) Old French clapoir swelling on the skin