Cid, The

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CID, thethe CIDCID, the /ˌsiː aɪ ˈdiː/ SCP (the Criminal Investigation Department) the department of the British police that deals with very serious crimes
Examples from the Corpus
CID, theAny witnesses to the incident are asked to contact Birkenhead CID.Anyone who can help is asked to contact Admiral Street CID on 051-777-4688.Anyone with information should contact Oxford CID.First thing you've got to do is inform CID about the chocolates and cigarettes that had been stolen.Mr Astle was stationed with the CID at nearby Rugeley.Nobody in at CID, and I had to get some one to secure it.The journalist was not known to the local CID and did not have a shotgun certificate.They were a cross between the most intelligent members of CID and the hardest cases in the Fraud Squad.