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choreographchor‧e‧og‧raph /ˈkɒriəɡrɑːf, ˈkɔː- $ ˈkɔːriəɡræf/ verb [transitive] APDto arrange how dancers should move during a performance The show is very cleverly choreographed.
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Examples from the Corpus
choreographBurlap-covered bulletin boards were installed for notices, which Alvin would suddenly begin to rearrange whenever he was choreographing.Everything was in the service of the emotions that he was dancing, or choreographing.She has been asked to choreograph a modern ballet for the National Dance Theatre.Alvin stayed on, and even began to choreograph acts himself.Occasionally he slowed to a near halt, provoking Eng to push him to keep choreographing and to perform adequately.There were some fabulous, beautifully choreographed dance routines.He could choreograph for the company that was coming to feel like a millstone, and he could tour.The rest will be part-time, seasonal, or contract workers, responsible for designing and choreographing their own careers and retirements.Belafonte had seen the dances Alvin made for the Horton company and talked to him about choreographing this show.
Origin choreograph (1900-2000) choreography