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ldoce_046_achopstickchop‧stick /ˈtʃɒp-stɪk $ ˈtʃɑːp-/ noun [countable usually plural] chopsticks.jpg DFUone of the two thin sticks that you use to eat food in many countries in Asia
Examples from the Corpus
chopstickAn-other guy was so thin and pale that he looked like a chopstick with ink on top.Angrily, she pushed her thoughts away at the same time as she pushed her bowl and chopsticks away.He puts down his chopsticks and we leave.Whereas few - not to boast - few are speedier on the draw with the old chopsticks than young Ollie.Otherwise, chopsticks are practical for one-handed eating, if the food is cut up for the patient.Then for every drop of oil that stuck to the chopstick a drop of water remained in the bottle.I did eat jelly with chopsticks - as I said!Resigned to bananas, Fong ate thern in silence, with chopsticks.
Origin chopstick (1600-1700) Pidgin English chop fast (from Cantonese kap) + English stick