From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchoicechoice1 /tʃɔɪs/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 ABILITY TO CHOOSE[countable, uncountable]CHOOSE if you have a choice, you can choose between several thingschoosechoice between Voters have a choice between three main political parties.choice of You have a choice of hotel or self-catering accommodation. He has to make some important choices. They gave us no choice in the matter.2 RANGE TO CHOOSE FROM[singular, uncountable]CHOOSE the range of people or things that you can choose from It was a small shop and there wasn’t much choice.choice of There is a choice of four different colours. We offer a wide choice of wines and beers.spoilt for choice British English Consumers these days are spoilt for choice (=have a lot of things to choose from).3 THING CHOSEN[countable]CHOOSE the person or thing that someone chooseschoice of I don’t really like her choice of jewellery. I think London was a good choice as a venue.somebody’s first/second choice My first choice of college was Stanford.4 by choice5 the something of your choice6 the something of choice Hobson's choiceCOLLOCATIONSverbshave a choiceStudents have a choice between German and Spanish.make a choice (=choose something)One of our course advisors can help you to make your choice.give somebody a choiceHer doctor gave her a choice: take medicine or lose weight. be faced with a choiceHe was faced with a difficult choice.have no choice (but to do something)The men had no choice but to obey.leave somebody with no choiceI was left with no choice but to resign.exercise your choice formal (=make a choice – used especially when talking about someone using their right to choose)Everyone should have the right to exercise choice in matters of relationships.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + choicethe right/wrong choiceI think you’ve made the right choice.a difficult choiceIt was a very difficult choice for me.a stark choice (=a choice between two unpleasant things that you must make)We faced a stark choice: steal or starve.(a) free choiceStudents have an entirely free choice of what to study at informed choice (=a choice based on knowledge of the facts about something)The patient should have enough information to make an informed choice.consumer choice (=the opportunity for people to choose between different products)I believe in free trade and consumer choice.parental choiceThe aim is to extend parental choice in education.phrasesfreedom of choicePatients should have more freedom of choice.given the choice (=if you had a choice)Given the choice, I probably wouldn’t work.have no choice in the matterThe village people had no choice in the matter. THESAURUSchoice: choice ofThe school seems OK, but there isn’t a great choice of courses. | have a choice (=be able to choose from several things)With her high grades and athletic skill, Celeste had her choice of colleges. | have no choice but to do something (=to be forced to do something because there is nothing else you can choose)Spooner says he had no choice but to file for bankruptcy. | wide choice (=a lot of things to choose from)There is a wide choice of hotels and hostels in the town.option one of the things that you can choose to do in a particular situationHe basically has two options: he can have the surgery, or he can give up playing football. | keep/leave your options open (=delay choosing so that you continue to have several things to choose from)I haven’t signed any contracts yet – I want to keep my options open.alternative one of two or more ways of doing somethingDid you consider other alternatives before you moved in with Lucy? | alternative toThere is no practical alternative to our current policy. | have no alternative (=to not have a choice)He says he doesn’t want to see a doctor, but I’m afraid he has no alternative. THESAURUSchoice something or someone that has been chosenMaria was very pleased with her choice. | first/second/third choice (=the thing you wanted most, the thing you wanted most after that etc)Greece was our first choice for a vacation, but all the flights were full. | somebody’s choice ofI don’t like his choice of friends.selection a small group of the best things that have been chosen from a larger group: selection ofShe showed me a selection of her drawings.a selection of songs from ‘West Side Story’
Examples from the Corpus
choicePrey Selection Throughout its geographical range, Nucella lapillus has a choice of prey species.We do always, however, have a choice about what we do - nobody forces us to do wrong.In the case of automobiles, you have a choice of valuation methods, and choosing the wrong one can be costly.He says he lives on the street by choice.It was a difficult choice, but we finally decided that Hannah should have the prize.Greece was our first choice for a vacation, but all the flights were full.The school seems OK, but there isn't a great choice of courses.Patients are demanding greater choice in the type of treatment they get.With her high grades and athletic skill, Celeste had her choice of colleges.Maria was very pleased with her choice.I don't like his choice of friends.Micky Burns from the players' union advises and assists on the options to help them make informed choices about their futures.There's a small general store in town, but I don't think there will be much choice.Spooner says he had no choice but to file for bankruptcy.Thus for many families there is no choice but to spend some time on income support.I don't believe in fate - we all have freedom of choice.freedom of choiceI wouldn't ride without a helmet, but I think people should have the choice.The choices you make now will affect you for many years.The choice of actress to play Joan has always been crucial.The board denied that financial considerations had influenced their choice.If people want to prescribe unproved forms of treatment, or to receive them, that is their choice.There is a wide choice of hotels and hostels in the town.Please indicate your choice on the form.choice betweena choice between right and wrongwide choiceThere is a buffet breakfast and a wide choice of main courses at dinner, plus a salad buffet.The Brewhouse Theatre offers year-round entertainment and a wide choice of restaurants make your mouth water.Mature students will enjoy a wider choice of courses.Anyone concerned with selecting a class book for teaching a language will face a wide choice of texts.Where, outside of London, could you find a wider choice?Shop around brokers for a wider choice.Several nightclubs, together with pubs, jazz and folk clubs, provide a wide choice of entertainment.Each provides a wide choice of sailing and non-sailing activities.good choiceMarcel Marceau would have been a better choice.Andre is a good choice, all things considered.The less expensive salmon is a good choice for making salmon loaf and casserole dishes.The majority opted for the visit and in my opinion made a good choice.Vegetarians therefore may include a little oil in their cooking, and extra virgin olive oil is the best choice.So which is the best choice?So if you're thinking about selling your house, white is the best choice.Both of these are very good choices.
choicechoice2 adjective 1 [only before noun] formalGOOD/EXCELLENT choice food is of very good quality choice steak We select only the choicest apples for our pies.2 a few choice words/phrases
Examples from the Corpus
choicechoice applesBut he aimed his choicest barbs at occupants of the White House, or those trying to be.the choicest cuts of meatChances are that most of the choice summer jobs have already been taken.
Origin choice1 (1200-1300) Old French chois, from choisir to choose