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chiropractorchi‧ro‧prac‧tor /ˈkaɪrəʊˌpræktə $ -rəˌpræktər/ noun [countable] MHsomeone who treats physical problems using chiropracticosteopath
Examples from the Corpus
chiropractorMr Gorman recently trained to become a chiropractor.I suggested to Bobbie that she go shop first for a chiropractor and then for a therapist.He is due to see a chiropractor tomorrow and is likely to undergo surgery.Another investigation, this time into lobbying on behalf of chiropractors, could thin the legislature's ranks still further.In fact, it is recommended that all people who take part in sport should have regular check-ups with a qualified chiropractor.Find out the name and address of your nearest qualified chiropractor.Always be certain that your chiropractor is state licensed and reputable.
Origin chiropractor (1800-1900) Latin chiro- of the hand (from Greek cheiro-, from cheir hand) + Greek praktikos (PRACTICAL)