chief inspector

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chief inspectorˌchief inˈspector noun [countable] SCPa British police officer of middle rank
Examples from the Corpus
chief inspectorI think Tomlinson will do a good job and restore credibility as chief inspector.Mr Blunkett was speaking last weekend as the outgoing chief inspector of prisons, Sir David Ramsbotham, called for legalisation.A police chief inspector, an optician and the general manager of Lerwick Harbour Trust were among those who saw it.I assume the present senior chief inspector will produce his annual report next year.Mr. Straw To try to suggest that the senior chief inspector agreed to 175 is preposterous.In February, the then senior chief inspector, Eric Bolton, decided to resign.His daughter's beauty had never ceased to surprise the chief inspector.Swod paused, as though expecting everything to be clear now to the chief inspector.