chief constable

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chief constableˌchief ˈconstable noun [countable] SCPa police officer in charge of the police in a large area of Britain
Examples from the Corpus
chief constableThe minister may also call for the retirement of a chief constable.For Don Dovaston, assistant chief constable of Derbyshire police, a series of schoolgirl murders made that mark run deeper.Leslie Sharp, Strathclyde's chief constable, last year won an extra £4.7 million to put another 155 officers on patrol.This includes the board and the chief constable.The implementation of section 39 is an operational matter for the chief constable.They included the chief constable, chief probation officer, and the chief crown prosecutor.Local worthies rarely challenged the rectitude of the chief constable.Yet, according to the chief constable, in the same period calls for service have increased by 85 percent.