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ldoce_045_dchesschess /tʃes/ ●●○ noun [uncountable] chessboard_set.jpg DGBa game for two players, who move their playing pieces according to particular rules across a special board to try to trap their opponent’s king (=most important piece) They meet fairly often to play chess.COLLOCATIONSverbsplay chessDo you want to play chess?chess + NOUNa chess playerToday, many chess players have online games.a chess game/matchWho won the chess game?a chess board (=with black and white squares on it)There was a chess board set up on the table.a chess piece (=one that you move around the board)Some of the chess pieces were missing.a chess set (=a complete group of the different chess pieces)She gave him a beautifully carved wooden chess set.a chess moveYou first have to learn the basic chess moves.a chess championship/tournament (=a chess competition)Ray's taking part in a chess tournament.a chess cluba member of the school chess cluba chess master (=a very skilled player)An eight year-old who can beat a chess master is remarkable.a chess grand master (=the highest title a chess player can get)Bobby Fischer was an American chess grand master.the chess worldHe's a star of the chess world.
Examples from the Corpus
chessChoirs, plays, gymnastics, book discussions, chess tournaments, lectures and crafts classes took place constantly.The only apparent relief from chess were two dolls and a golliwog on Judit's bunk bed.San Francisco cops are clamping down on a new brand of outlaws: sidewalk-hogging chess players.Like chess, as you say.Until recently, only the most elite of chess wizards remained beyond the reach of computer chess programs.When I got tired of watching the bow or reading or playing chess, I would often watch Morris at work.She had that stone chess table made too and put inside.Two huge screens above the chess boards carried illuminated chess graphics to display the chessIn terms of the principles involved, we could be talking here about playing chess or reading a page of text.But they win not because they can play chess, which they can not, but because they can beat humans.One of the most popular sites is the game room, where visitors can play chess, checkers and backgammon with others.It's how I play chess with Victor.It is like playing chess with a Martian: eerie and weird and very interesting.He forgave them, and then opened a door so they could see Ferdinand and Miranda playing chess.I went into the other room, where several writers were playing chess, and I watched them for a while.
Origin chess (1100-1200) Old French esches, plural of escec; CHECK2