cheque card

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cheque cardˈcheque card (also cheque guarantee card) noun [countable] British English BFBa card given to you by your bank that you must show when you write a cheque, which promises that the bank will pay out the amount written on the chequecash card, check card
Examples from the Corpus
cheque cardThe Lords held that there was no difference between a cheque card, as in Charles, and a credit card.The accused drew by cheque card on a bank balance which had insufficient funds to meet the sum.His cheque card was on the table.And the new cheque card application?This was £50 worth, the value of the cheque card.But I will accept personal cheques up to fifty pounds if they are accompanied by a valid cheque card.Always keep your cheque card and cheque book separately - a thief needs both to encash a cheque.And, you will find that paying by Switch does not restrict you to your cheque card limit.