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cheeseboardcheese‧board /ˈtʃiːzbɔːd $ -bɔːrd/ noun [countable] 1 cheese_board.jpg DFUa board used to cut cheese on2 DFUa variety of cheeses that are served at the end of a meal The meal was finished with the cheeseboard and a dish of fruit.
Examples from the Corpus
cheeseboardThey will also give you advice on how to choose the perfect cheeseboard and the way to store cheese.And after the cheeseboard, my sweet tooth's nagging, so I need another great big stodgy wedge of Blackforest Gateau.The meal was finally finished with the cheeseboard and a dish of fruit.The cheeseboard offers a good selection of locally produced cheeses such as applewood smoked cheese and the wonderfully named Cornish Yarg.