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checkbookcheck‧book /ˈtʃekbʊk/ noun [countable] BFBthe American spelling of chequebook
Examples from the Corpus
checkbookHe drew a checkbook and fountain pen from his pocket, and wrote.These statements need to be compatible with the home finance software so that bills can be paid and checkbooks balanced.Opponents claim the millionaire publisher is trying to buy votes with his fat checkbook.They have checkbooks and write checks all the time.The fight over Prop 102 was another example of the smaller checkbook carrying the day.But it was not trying to get people to take out the checkbooks.This is not some abstract discussion between lobbyists with their checkbooks out and members of Congress.They make it all look easy until you have to reach for your checkbook.
From King Business Dictionarycheckbookcheck‧book /ˈtʃekbʊk/ noun [countable] American EnglishBANKING a book of checks given by a bank to its customersSYNchequebook BrE