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characterchar‧ac‧ter /ˈkærəktə $ -ər/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 all somebody’s qualities [countable usually singular]CHARACTER/PERSONALITY the particular combination of qualities that makes someone a particular type of personcharacteristic He has a cheerful but quiet character. Children grow up with a mixture of character traits (=character qualities) from both sides of their family. his temper and other character flaws (=bad qualities)in character/out of character (=typical or untypical of someone’s character) He swore, which was out of character for him.the English/French etc character Openness is at the heart of the American character.character sketch (=a description of someone’s character)2 person [countable] a) Aa person in a book, play, film etc Candida is the most interesting character in the play. In the story, the main character has left his girlfriend and baby. Everyone recognizes Disney’s cartoon characters. b) PERSON/PEOPLEa person of a particular type, especially a strange or dishonest one a couple of shady characters standing on the corner I’m considered a reformed character these days (=someone who has stopped doing bad things). c) INTERESTINGan interesting and unusual person Linda was something of a character.3 qualities of something [singular, uncountable]CHARACTER OF something the particular combination of features and qualities that makes a thing or place different from all others SYN naturecharacter of The whole character of the school has changed. the unspoilt character of the coastin character The southern state became more nationalist in character.4 moral strength [uncountable]GOOD/MORAL a combination of qualities such as courage, loyalty, and honesty that are admired and regarded as valuable a woman of great character Schools were created to teach reading and mathematics, not moral character. It takes strength of character to admit you are wrong. Sport can be character building (=develop good moral qualities).5 interesting quality [uncountable]CHARACTER/PERSONALITY a quality that makes someone or something special and interesting a red wine with a meaty character suburban houses that lack character 6 reputation [uncountable] formalREPUTATION the opinion that people have about whether you are a good person and can be trusted a man of previous good character The campaign was accused of character assassination (=an unfair attack on someone’s character) because of its negative ads. His defence called several people as character witnesses (=people who think that someone has a good character). Mr Wetherby wrote him a character reference (=a statement about his good qualities).7 letter/sign [countable]SL a letter, mark, or sign used in writing, printing, or on a computer the Chinese character for ‘horse’COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2a: ADJECTIVES/NOUN + characterthe main/central/leading characterAlec is the central character in the play.the lead character (=in a play, film, or television series)DiCaprio played the lead character in Titanic.a minor characterTwo of the minor characters get killed.a television/movie/cartoon characterWho’s your favourite television character?a comic/tragic character (=a funny or sad one)Homer Simpson is a great comic character.fictional/fictitious (=not existing in real life)People sometimes forget that television characters are fictional.convincing (=seeming like a real person)The characters were totally convincing.a sympathetic character (=one you like)In the book, Jeff isn’t a sympathetic character.verbsplay a characterI wanted to play the character of Danny.portray a character (=show one in a play, book, film etc)The main characters are brilliantly portrayed.develop a character (=make a character become more interesting)The movie didn’t develop his character as well as the book did.nounscharacter development (=the process of developing characters)I thought the plot was boring and there wasn’t much character development.a character actor (=an actor who plays interesting or unusual characters)He’s a well-known character actor.
Examples from the Corpus
characterCarmen Maura plays the passionate, beautiful Pepa, the central character of director Pedro Almodovar's movie.Ellis is a man of exceptional character.Thus, when you insert it into text, existing characters move to the right and down to make room.Her female characters often have strong, important relationships with other women.Each group is named after a fictional character like Mickey Mouse.Ancient literature uses fictional characters to illustrate moral dilemmas.Her husband was a man of good character, well-liked and respected by his colleagues.Her behavior last night revealed a lot about her character.Rex may be the ideal idol to many men but you will have to settle with playing his character in the game.His actions during the war showed his character.Liquids are different in character from both solids and gases.Jed is one of most likeable characters in the play.Beneath his brash, noisy exterior was a much shrewder and lonelier character than he admitted.A couple of suspicious-looking characters were standing outside the house.He writes Westerns in which the main characters are gay.It's a red wine with an almost meaty character.She did forget the name of the other most memorable character, bearded and effusive.She is the only character with a named chapter in each of the four sections.He was a repulsive character.A candidate's character and qualifications are more important than past experience.A person's character is very important to me when I decide who I want to work with.She gave up trying to analyse Guy Sterne's character on the basis of his bookshelves.The pronunciations given for these components, and for the characters of which they form part, are those of present-day Mandarin.It was a wonderful story -- the characters were so convincing.King Henry is the name given to a donkey, the title character in the children's book, 'King Henry Saves Christmas'.Each neighborhood has its own unique character.Now they're arguably the easiest of all classics to look after, and come brimming with character as standard.character traitsThe inviolable Gedge formed character traits as a child that give a fascinating insight into his later life.reformed characterMoz had become a reformed character.But he was not a reformed character.Nutty began to think Nails was a reformed character.Peter O'Toole is another reformed character.character ofResidents want to preserve the character of their neighborhoods.strength of characterBut it is proof of his astonishing strength of character.She had enormous strength of character.No man deserves to be praised for his goodness unless he has strength of character to be wicked.Siefert described McCrea's strength of character in a difficult situation.Self-discipline was all that was needed, he said: concentration, Sitzfleisch, strength of character.People differ in their knowledge, skills, strength of character and understanding.It takes a special strength of character to spend decades doggedly pursuing a theory that attracts harsh opposition.Inevitably, the interlude material should not have the strength of character of the main section material.She still clung to life by some unknown strength of character and Fon loved her for it.It takes unusual strength of character to fight against so much opposition.of ... good characterThe goodness of her own good characters was a thing she always insisted on, and felt to be imperfectly appreciated.Mr Gore has shown himself through the years to be a man of good character.Mr. David Josse, mitigating, said Youngman was a man of previous good character who behaved inexplicably that evening.When hiring band members, Lawrence always preferred less talented musicians of good character over brilliant musicians of unstable character.Criminals must be punished, but people of good character must be rewarded.But what was most interesting was her praise of the good characters.Ceylon A slightly fragrant tea of good character for all-round drinking.Only people over 70 were eligible, and initially there was an income test and also a test of good character.
From King Business Dictionarycharacterchar‧ac‧ter /ˈkærəktə-ər/ noun [countable] COMPUTING a number, letter, or other sign used on a computerOrigin character (1300-1400) Old French caractere, from Latin character mark, particular quality, from Greek, from charassein to make a mark in a surface