From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchapterchap‧ter /ˈtʃæptə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 W1 AWL noun [countable] 1 IN A BOOKTCNone of the parts into which a book is divided Read Chapter 11 as your homework. This chapter discusses power, and how people use it.see thesaurus at part2 PERIODPARTa particular period or event in someone’s life or in historyerachapter of a new chapter of peace and cooperationchapter in the noblest chapter in our history3 PRIESTSRRCall the priests belonging to a cathedral, or a meeting of these priests4 ORGANIZATIONthe local members of a large organization such as a club the local chapter of the American Legion5 give/quote somebody chapter and verse6 a chapter of accidentsCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesthis chapter/the present chapterThe present chapter deals with the years leading up to the war.the next chapterThis theme will be developed in the next chapter.the following chapters (=the ones after this one)The following chapters will explore this issue.the previous/preceding chapterThe method is described in the previous chapter.earlier chapters (=the ones before this one)All these have been mentioned briefly in earlier chapters.later chapters (=the ones after this one)These points will be explored in more detail in later chapters.the introductory/opening chapter (=the first chapter)There’s a short introductory chapter giving an outline of the subject matter.the last/final chapterThe final chapter summarizes the themes in the book.verbsbe divided into chaptersThe book is divided into ten a chapterI haven’t even read the first chapter yet.write a chapterHe wrote the first chapter 20 years before the book was published.see chapter 2/3 etc (=used in books to direct a reader to a chapter)His scientific claims were never justified (see chapter 16).be discussed/described in chapter 1/2/3 etcThese points will be discussed in chapter 8.a chapter deals with somethingThree further chapters deal with soil, water, and air.a chapter explores somethingThe second chapter explores the effects of these changes in more detail.a chapter is devoted to something (=it deals only with a particular subject)Five whole chapters are devoted to social reform.phrasesthe beginning/start of a chapterHis character is introduced at the beginning of the first chapter.the end of a chapterThe answers are given at the end of the chapter.the remainder of a chapter formal (=the rest of a chapter)The remainder of this chapter is devoted to a discussion of privatization.
Examples from the Corpus
chapterA careful strategic analysis as described in chapter 4 will help to lessen the disadvantages of using leading indicators.The Christmas story is told in Chapter 2, verses 1-20 of Luke.These matters are dealt with in Chapters 8 & 9.In chapters 15 to 17 we apply to the individual profile components the principles set out in chapter 14.In chapters 6 and 7 I would like to propose a characterization of grammar and language use which shows their interdependence.'Have you finished "Lord of the Rings" yet?' 'I'm on the last chapter.'A more detailed example will be given in the next chapter.In the next chapter we consider the subject and problems of commitment.In this chapter, we illustrated such pragmatic influences on processing by discussing context effects.For homework, read the first two chapters of the book.She was a volunteer with various chapters of the Junior League.chapter inMartin's death closed one of the more fascinating chapters of recent Bordeaux history.
From King Business Dictionarychapterchap‧ter /ˈtʃæptə-ər/ noun [countable] American English the local members of a professional organization or LABOR UNIONthe Illinois chapter of the AFL-CIOOrigin chapter (1100-1200) Old French chapitre, from Late Latin capitulum, from Latin caput head