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chancellorchan‧cel‧lor /ˈtʃɑːnsə $ ˈtʃænsələr/ noun [countable] 1 PGOthe Chancellor of the Exchequer2 a) SECthe person who officially represents a British university on special occasions b) SECthe person in charge of some American universities3 PGOthe leader of the government or the main government minister of some countries Helmut Kohl, the former German Chancellor
Examples from the Corpus
chancellorThomas Cardinal Bourchier, former Archbishop of Canterbury and chancellor, was appointed to head the deputation.Willy Brandt, the former West German ChancellorThe final blow for Philip was the defection of his chancellor, Conrad, bishop of Würzburg.Yet the vocabulary the chancellor uses is still closed in, tight and restrained.You may recall that for years the chancellor was helplessly in thrall to Prudence.the Chancellor of Indiana UniversityThe chancellor, meanwhile, directed unmatched fund-raising and helped enhance the graduate studies' program.The only advice for a Tory chancellor in this position is, don't ever get into this position.Out went Norman Lamont, the unpopular chancellor.
Origin chancellor (1000-1100) Old French chancelier, from Late Latin cancellarius doorkeeper, secretary, from cancellus; CHANCEL