chamber music

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chamber musicˈchamber ˌmusic noun [uncountable] APMclassical music written for a small group of instruments
Examples from the Corpus
chamber musicHere muted lights, soft leather, stained wood and anaesthetic chamber music prevailed.If approximately $ 15,000 can be raised, SummerFest will even unite modern dance and chamber music.His is the only post-war body of symphonic and chamber music to achieve genuine popularity.They have done so as part of a widely comprehensive output, ranging from chamber music to symphonies and opera.Originally, chamber music meant secular music, or that of the court as distinct from that of the Church.Working with a pianist is like playing chamber music.Haydn wrote symphonies, chamber music, keyboard pieces, operas.With a sound financial base, the Friends have been able to go for stars in the chamber music circuit.