From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchambercham‧ber /ˈtʃeɪmbə $ -ər/ ●○○ noun 1 enclosed space [countable]HBHHOLE an enclosed space, especially in your body or inside a machine a combustion chamber The heart has four chambers.2 room [countable]TBB a room used for a special purpose, especially an unpleasant onegas/torture chamber (=used for killing people by gas or for hurting them)3 meeting room [countable]TBB a large room in a public building used for important meetings the council chamber4 parliament [countable]PGP one of the two parts of a parliament or of the US Congress. For example, in Britain the upper chamber is the House of Lords and the lower chamber is the House of Commons.5 private room [countable]DH a word used in the past to mean a bedroom or private room the Queen’s private chambers 6 chambers7 gun [countable]PMW the part of a gun where you put the bullets
Examples from the Corpus
chamberThe council chamber is on the third floor.As with the basket, divers are recovered from the water to the surface, where they transfer to the decompression chamber.Ace dropped back into the empty chamber.Your sentiments have been echoed in the faculty chambers along with many others.Cley was left once more in his chambers, in the shadowy silence which was now his greatest pleasure.Already, a number of local chambers have developed business-led initiatives similar to those in Tulsa and Austin.Plants were grown from seed in a 38-m long chamber in a ventilated glasshouse.In Poland, the Sejm is the lower chamber of parliament.With the other chamber resisting radical change, Miller finalized the new proposal at a meeting with Kingston Tuesday morning.Always check to see if there is a bullet in the chamber.The hot gases shoot out of the chambers and along the naked, exposed surface.The patient has an abnormal rhythm in the upper chamber of his heart.gas/torture chamberLike a gas chamber, it overwhelms.Fourteen murders was more than enough for jurors to vote Bonin into the gas chamber.In one instance, Harris was strapped into the gas chamber when a stay was briefly ordered.In California all three candidates for governor have promised to keep the gas chamber busy.It took him 11 years to get to the gas chamber, from the day he was convicted of five murders.Which way to the gas chamber?No, actually, remember that has been moved down to uh, to the uh, torture chamber.
Origin chamber (1100-1200) Old French chambre, from Late Latin camera, from Latin, curved roof, from Greek kamara