From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchairmanchair‧man /ˈtʃeəmən $ ˈtʃer-/ ●●○ W3 noun (plural chairmen /-mən/) [countable] 1 IN CHARGE OFsomeone, especially a man, who is in charge of a meeting or directs the work of a committee or an organizationchairwomanchairman of Potts was appointed chairman of the education committee.deputy/vice chairman Barrett serves as vice chairman.Many people use chairperson or chair instead, to avoid suggesting that this person must be a man.2 British EnglishBOBBC someone who is in charge of a large company or organization the chairman of British Aerospace Williams has been chairman of the board for five years.
Examples from the Corpus
chairmanHalf of the pension trustees will be employees, with an independent chairman, and pensioners will be represented.John Shaw, the elected prisoners' chairman of D-wing tells John Earle, a life sentence inmate, what to expect.Customs refused to meet the costs claimed but the chairman of the tribunal disagreed.The two men and Mr Tellep, 64, will form an office of the chairman to deal with strategic issues.the chairman of the boarddeputy/vice chairmanSchwartz also will be vice chairman of Lockheed Martin.He became deputy chairman of the merged business.He fills a vacancy created by the recent resignation of James White, 56 years old and former vice chairman.He is deputy chairman and chief executive of.From 1946 to 1948 he was the last deputy chairman of the Southern Railway before nationalization.Mr Jones also was named deputy chairman for the coming year.He was replaced by Derek Wanless, but he remains deputy chairman.chairman of the boardHe experimented with a chairman of the board management style, delegating details to others without surrendering overall control.He is also chairman of the Board of Governors of Leicester Polytechnic.Don Fisk of Insight Technologies finishes his term as chairman of the board.He has been chairman of the board for the last 23 years.He is a former chairman of the board of management of Volkswagen.But what about Sid Sheinberg, former president of the company, and Lew Wasserman, former chairman of the board?I had the jury read the now-infamous letter of the chairman of the board, Dean McGee.Mr Constable said later that the provost was traditionally chairman of the board, which was not run along political lines.
From King Business Dictionarychairmanchair‧man /ˈtʃeəmənˈtʃer-/ noun (plural chairmen /-mən/) [countable]1someone, especially a man, who is in charge of a meeting or who directs the work of a committee or organizationSYNCHAIRThe chairman then declared the meeting closed.Morrison had been elected chairman of the party’s Campaign Committee.2 (also chairman of the board)JOBCOMMERCE the person who is in charge of a large company or organization, especially the most senior member of its BOARDSYNCHAIRMicrosoft chairman, Bill GatesHe will remain chairman of the company. deputy chairman executive chairman vice chairman