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certificatecer‧tif‧i‧cate /səˈtɪfɪkət $ sər-/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable] 1 certificate.jpg RECORDan official document that states that a fact or facts are truebirth/death/marriage certificate (=giving details of someone’s birth, death, or marriage)2 SEan official paper stating that you have completed a course of study or passed an examination a degree certificateCOLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + certificate a medical certificateYou can get a medical certificate that shows which vaccinations you've had.a birth certificateIn order to get a passport, you'll need your birth certificate.a marriage certificateHe found a copy of his parents' marriage certificate.a death certificateAccording to his death certificate, he died aged 44.a share certificate (=proving what shares someone owns)She kept official letters and share certificates in a locked case.verbsissue a certificate (=officially provide one)The certificate will be issued upon payment of the fee.
Examples from the Corpus
certificateHe must receive the above certificates the day before the cremation is due to take place.The claimant should then submit medical certificates for the duration of their absence from work.A sub-contractor who holds an I, S or P certificate must present the actual certificate to the builder for inspection.Students who complete the program receive a skills certificate along with their high school diploma.Betsy earned a teaching certificate from San Jose State University.Proof that the motor vehicle required a test certificate is often overlooked.In order to get along in a world which is controlled by outsiders and Westerners, you need to get that certificate.He thought of Miss Sadie coming across the little socks and the certificate.If you lose the certificates, you can sign an affidavit and still retrieve the will.birth/death/marriage certificateThe findings were based on examining all birth certificates registered in all the states and the District of Columbia.Data on cardiovascular disease from death certificates are known to be inaccurate.Could you tell me where to apply for a full birth certificate with all my parents' details on it?There were no marriage lines and no birth certificate to be had from public records.The klebsiella bug was named on Dean's death certificate as a contributing factor.The coroner issues the death certificate, usually ascribing death to a disease found during the post-mortem examination.Now the declaration of her age on the death certificate was out of her control, the truth was listed at last.
From King Business Dictionarycertificatecer‧tif‧i‧cate /səˈtɪfɪkətsər-/ noun [countable]1an official document that states that certain facts are trueThe mother’s occupation is not routinely recorded on the birth certificate.The merger was completed a year after the certificate of merger was filed. bank certificate bearer certificate bond certificate charge certificate delinquent tax certificate deposit certificate exemption certificate insurance certificate Land Certificate medical certificate practising certificate share certificate2an official paper stating that you have completed a course of studyOver 1000 senior graduates were presented with certificates in recognition of their participation in the programmes. see also gift certificateOrigin certificate (1400-1500) French certificat, from Late Latin, past participle of certificare; CERTIFY