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centrepiececen‧tre‧piece British English, centerpiece American English /ˈsentəpiːs $ -ər-/ noun 1 [singular]IMPORTANT the most important, noticeable, or attractive part of somethingcentrepiece of The centrepiece of Bevan’s policy was the National Health Service.2 DH[countable] a decoration, especially an arrangement of flowers, in the middle of a table
Examples from the Corpus
centrepieceThe badge of the Airborne Division had been enlarged in colour and framed as a centrepiece.There were a few delayed items, but, surprise, surprise, there was a big juicy book to provide a centrepiece.Ivy, candles and fruit arranged in a wire basket make a sumptuous centrepiece.Attending to the victim will become the centrepiece of penal politics in the future.Ssamois with polenta the centrepiece of the Menu Gastronomico Valdostano, so I gave that a wide berth.The centrepiece of the courtyard was a deep well.The centrepiece of the programme - Denazification - was, however, only a very partial success.The centrepiece of these reforms was addressed to the issue of peasant landownership.