central heating

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central heatingˌcentral ˈheating ●●○ noun [uncountable] DHa system of heating buildings in which water or air is heated in one place and then sent around the rest of the building through pipes etc the central heating boilercentrally heated adjective
Examples from the Corpus
central heatingAnd even more amazing that he can still squeeze through chimneys and central heating air vents in tower blocks.Two double bedrooms, bed and breakfast, central heating.Situated in Church Road, Litherland, the property benefits from gas fired central heating and partial secondary glazing.It includes master bedroom with ensuite shower room, three further bedrooms, second bathroom, gas central heating, double garage.It had central heating, a rarity in the experience of people like us who depended on open coal fires.He refused to put in central heating, even though he felt the cold badly.The three central heating pump chambers are equally well-disguised by building over each a raised plinth, topped by a removable slab.In flats with central heating, rent includes the cost of heating and is about £2.50 per week higher.