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centaurcen‧taur /ˈsentɔː $ -tɔːr/ noun [countable] RMa creature in ancient Greek stories with the head, chest, and arms of a man and the body and legs of a horse
Examples from the Corpus
centaurRufus was a bit of a centaur himself, a big roan stallion, and she was a little cat-eyed - waif.Young ladies of delicate breeding seldom relish being mounted by centaurs.A couple of centaurs burst out of the bushes ahead of them and cantered away down the path.The satyrs are goat-men and the centaurs are half man, half horse.It portrayed the centaur Cheiron with his family.The guests fell upon the centaurs and drove them out of the country, so they are now a rare sight indeed.Witness their behaviour at the Lapithae wedding feast when the centaur Eurythion tried to rape the bride.The centaur babies had fallen asleep.
Origin centaur (1300-1400) Latin Centaurus, from Greek Kentauros