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cellocel‧lo /ˈtʃeləʊ $ -loʊ/ noun (plural cellos) [countable] cello.jpg APMa musical instrument like a large violin that you hold between your knees and play by pulling a bow (=special stick) across the strings
Examples from the Corpus
celloThe senior one was a fearsome, mustachioed amateur cello player who addressed every class in a terrifying bawl.Not a note seems superfluous in this essay for flute, clarinet in A, vibraphone, piano, violin and cello.I originally studied classical cello from age seven until I was fourteen, then moved to the upright bass.I had never heard cellos and low strings added to rock songs.The violas can be used, however, also the cellos if they can be spared from the energetic bass part.She did not leave the hospital without the cello she played in a London symphony orchestra.
Origin cello (1800-1900) violoncello cello ((18-21 centuries)), from Italian, from violone large stringed instrument, from viola; VIOLA