Word family noun celebration celebrity adjective celebrated celebratory verb celebrate
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcelebrationcel‧e‧bra‧tion /ˌseləˈbreɪʃən/ ●●○ S3 noun 1 [countable]CELEBRATE an occasion or party when you celebrate something the lively New Year celebrations in the city centresee thesaurus at party2 [singular, uncountable]CELEBRATE the act of celebratingin celebration of something a reception in celebration of the Fund’s 70th Anniversary The show is a celebration of new young talent. I think this is a cause for celebration (=reason to celebrate).COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + celebrationa big/small celebrationWe’re having a small celebration for Dad’s birthday.a family celebration (=for family members)Everyone’s coming here for a family celebration.a special celebrationThere’s a special celebration tonight to mark the school’s 50th anniversary.a double celebration (=for two good things)It’s a double celebration for our first wedding anniversary and my birthday.a birthday/anniversary celebrationHe is planning a very special 40th birthday celebration.It was the college’s 150th anniversary celebration last night.a victory celebrationSome football fans were arrested during the victory celebrations.Christmas/New Year celebrationsThey invited me to join in their Christmas celebrations.wedding celebrationsThe wedding celebrations can last for a week or more.centenary celebrations (=celebrating 100 years after a special event)A special committee was formed to organize the centenary celebrations.a national celebrationThe flag flies for a national celebration.verbshave a celebrationThe villagers were having a celebration of some kind.hold/host a celebration formal:The company is holding a celebration for its 75th anniversary.join in the celebrationsYou’re welcome to come and join in the celebrations!
Examples from the Corpus
celebrationSome examples include frustration over work, an argument with a spouse, and celebration of a baseball game win.Janine had her birthday celebration a week early.There is a two-day citywide celebration each year at the end of June.Posadas is a nine-day celebration in Mexico before Christmas.The hospital is planning a huge celebration of its 50th anniversary.When our flag flies, it signifies a national celebration.This was no celebration of diversity.In our own celebrations this Christmas, may we join with Mary in giving thanks for the amazing gift of human life.New Year's celebrationsPlenty of booze and chow round out the celebration, considered the grandaddy of July Fourth blasts.Was this celebration, six years after the Liberation, a reminder of less happy times?It begins with a wedding celebration taking place in the open air.New Year celebrations in Scotland go on for three days.in celebration of somethingIn 1918 he chaired a war memorials committee and organized nationwide pyrotechnic displays in celebration of the armistice.And what a wonderful world of myth one finds in celebration of this universal mystery!She would cook it and everyone would eat it in celebration of my becoming part of the family.Many have been produced in all honesty as book illustrations or in celebration of some interesting event or anniversary.The Fogg is circulating the show in celebration of the museum's imminent centennial.The women stole more work time in celebration of the marriage with much hilarity and sociability.