From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishceasefirecease‧fire /ˈsiːsfaɪə $ -faɪr/ ●○○ noun [countable] PPEACE/NO WARan agreement to stop fighting for a period of time, especially so that a more permanent agreement can be made a ceasefire agreement They have called a temporary ceasefire in the region. armistice, truce
Examples from the Corpus
ceasefireThe government had failed in numerous attempts to achieve a ceasefire through negotiation.In February a ceasefire was established after King Hassan met Polisario leaders for the first time.a ceasefire between the warring forces in the southSo far no one has violated the three-day ceasefire.It flares on, despite countless local ceasefires, occasional truces and the efforts of the world to get it stopped.In Northern Ireland the loyalist ceasefire is under scrutiny after bombs were planted at sports grounds.Polisario announced that its forces had begun to relocate in the assembly areas allocated to them for the period of the ceasefire.Both leaders signed the ceasefire agreement.The ceasefire came into effect throughout the country at midnight.The ceasefire was still intact at the end of February, despite intermittent shooting and shelling.The ceasefire won't last unless both sides are prepared to compromise.called ... ceasefireThe Kazakh-brokered agreement had called for a ceasefire along the border between the two former Soviet republics.They called for a ceasefire in the region and for access for humanitarian aid deliveries.