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CDCD /ˌsiː ˈdiː◂/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable] TCR (compact disc) a small circular piece of hard plastic on which high-quality recorded sound or large quantities of information can be storedCOLLOCATIONSCD + nouna CD collectionLuke has a massive CD collection.a CD player (=a piece of equipment for playing CDs)She switched off the CD player.a CD burner/writer (=a piece of equipment for putting music, information etc on CDs)By 2002, CD burners were standard hardware for home computers.a CD drive (=the place on a computer where you put in a CD-ROM)He popped the CD in the CD drive.verbsplay a CDShall I play my new CD?put on a CD (=play it)She put on her favourite CD and lay on the sofa.listen to a CDHe's upstairs listening to his CDs.insert a CDFirst insert the CD into your player.record a CD (=play music and record it on a CD)They have formed a band and have plans to record a CD later this year.release a CD (=make a CD available for the public to buy)The group have just released a new CD.burn a CD (=put music, pictures, information etc on a CD)He burned a CD of his favourite songs.
From King Business DictionaryCDCD abbreviation for CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT; COMPACT DISC