Word family noun category categorization verb categorize
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcategorycat‧e‧go‧ry /ˈkætəɡəri $ -ɡɔːri/ ●●● S2 W2 AWL noun (plural categories) [countable] TYPEa group of people or things that are all of the same typecategory of There are five categories of workers. people in the over-45 age category Seats are available in eight of the ten price categories.fall into/belong in/fit into a category Voters fall into three main categories. Williams’ style does not fit easily into the category of jazz.COLLOCATIONSverbsbelong to a categoryA lot of water plants belong to this category.fall/come into a categoryThe data we collected fell into two into a categoryRogers doesn’t fit into either category.put somebody/something into categoriesPeople are individuals and you can’t really put them into somebody/something into categoriesLet’s start by grouping the books into categories.divide/split something into categoriesThe exhibition of 360 paintings is divided into three categories.adjectivesa broad/general categoryOur range of programmes come into three broad categories.the main categoryThis is the main category of patients. There are two main categories of university fees.a major categorya major category of vehicle Theft is one of the major categories of crime.a special category (=one that nothing else belongs to)The constitution was defined as a special category of law.a distinct/separate category (=clearly different from others)Animals fall into distinct categories.
Examples from the Corpus
categoryEmma Thompson won an Oscar in the Best Actress category.Obviously all claims not requiring the appointment of Loss Adjusters can not be inspected but certain categories require closer investigation than others.Housing authorities that enforce the policies will qualify for certain categories of bonus funding.Insurance companies identify six main categories of driver.These labels all belong to one category.Women in low-status social categories are especially likely to experience this.In some areas over 50 percent of planning applications fall into these categories.Karen Quinlan falls into this third category, despite initial medical and popular views to the contrary.The novels are divided up into three categories: historical, romantic, and crime.age categoryThere will be races for both men and women, as well as for a variety of different age categories.This is true for every age category and every income category.And their suicide rate is two to three times higher than ours in every age category.It was unclear why the last man in the age category did not get tested.Figure 1 shows striking declines in death rates for various age categories from 1930 to 1975.
Origin category (1400-1500) Late Latin categoria, from Greek, from kategorein to accuse, make a statement about, from kata- (CATACLYSM) + agora public gathering