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catchycatch‧y /ˈkætʃi/ adjective APMREMEMBERa catchy tune or phrase is easy to remember a catchy song catchy advertising slogans
Examples from the Corpus
catchyIt would be no use using an unusual and catchy approach with a very conservative firm.Dawson's obsessives will recognise this jangly, guitar-pop the second the catchy chorus kicks in.An insistent blend of noise, rifts and catchy melodies.These two raccoon-eyed psychos have lost none of their no-holds-barred energy or their penchant for writing catchy melodies.The Last To Know is the most exuberant track, helped by a vibrant horn section and a catchy melody.Like title fights, the Super Bowl would need a catchy name or phrase that symbolizes the magnitude of the cosmic event.The album is an absolute feast of fully cranked guitar and catchy pop choruses.The next example is the catchy syncopated intro riff taken from the single Teaser.catchy ... slogansBoth sides have sought in recent days to hook jurors by summing up four months of testimony in a few catchy slogans.