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casketcas‧ket /ˈkɑːskɪt $ ˈkæs-/ noun [countable] 1 DHa small decorated box in which you keep jewellery and other valuable objects2 American EnglishMX a coffin
Examples from the Corpus
casketThe bed had been taken down to make room for the flowers and chairs and casket.Few of those skeletons resting in caskets in the Catacombs sported hands.Mavis stood with her back against the rear wall, near the drinks bar; peering at the open casket.She had watched him go amongst the caskets, then lift one of the lids, peering inside.The sides of the casket are richly ornate in artistic enamel work and includes cameo paintings of the Kenilworth and Larne clubhouses.Seth promised that the casket would be given to the person who fitted inside it perfectly.No one had gone up to the casket itself to pay their respects.Because of the bullet wounds, the casket had been closed, which was a relief for him.
Origin casket (1400-1500) French cassette; CASSETTE