From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcashcash1 /kæʃ/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [uncountable] 1 MONEYmoney in the form of coins or notes rather than cheques, credit cards etc Cash was taken during a burglary of the cash The traffic police will accept fines in cash immediately. The shop charges less if the customer pays in cash. hard cash, petty cashsee thesaurus at money2 MONEYmoney Health and education need cash from the government. A phone line to help children in trouble has been closed due to lack of cash. Charity workers must constantly raise more cash (=collect more money) for the needy. The company found itself strapped for cash (=without enough money) to pay taxes.3 cash down4 cash on deliveryCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: moneyverbsraise cashShe organized a series of events to raise cash for cancer charities.provide cashCampaigners are urging the government to provide more cash for health care.generate cashThe website generates cash from advertising, and by charging for (by) cashThey won’t take credit cards, so you have to pay cash.adjectivesspare cashYou should put any spare cash into a savings + NOUNcash flow (=the amount of money coming into a business compared to money going out)The company was having a few problems with cash flow.a cash crisis (=a serious lack of money in an organization or country)the cash crisis in some developing countriesa cash prize (=a prize that is money)The winner will get a cash prize of £10,000.a cash boost (=more money that is suddenly given to a project, business etc)Conservation projects in the region are being given a cash boost of £40, resourcesThe organization’s cash resources are limited.a cash reserve formal (=an amount of spare money that you have available to use)Experts always advise people to build up a cash reserve.a cash crop (=a crop grown to sell rather than to use)The land is used to grow cash crops like cocoa, tea, and coffee.phrasesbe strapped for cash (also be short of cash) (=not have enough money)Many airlines are strapped for cash at the moment.
Examples from the Corpus
cashSwensson saved up and bought a new car -- a 1925 Ford -- for $ 485 cash.She earns extra cash by working as a waitress.The Health Authority says that it simply has no extra cash from its £136 million budget.Debt would be sold for cash at a discount or converted into 17- to 25-year bonds.Discreet chorales endorse the beadle, who gathers cash on a wooden plate.John's role was to get together as much hard cash as possible.I'll write you a cheque, and you can pay me back in cash later.Do you have a couple of dollars in cash?I don't have much cash at the moment. Could I pay you next week?Thieves stole a large amount of cash, and jewellery worth £50,000.If she didn't come I'd make arrangements for her to have set amounts of cash from time to time.Once you become an entrepreneur, it will be much harder to raise this kind of cash.The state had to borrow $ 7 billion last July to keep from running out of cash.I heard she paid cash for her house back in the sixties.Are you paying cash for these items?By age 15, Sean was stealing cash from his mother to buy drugs.Horsham has the right to deliver either the shares or their cash cashHe had about $150 in cash in his wallet.raise ... cashThis creates room for new borrowing under the debt limit and allows the Treasury to sell fresh securities and raise needed cash.It also intends to issue a convertible bond to raise more cash to put towards paying off debts of around euro60 billion.However, as he is always telling us, he does not want local government to raise more cash.Last year 11,000 people walked a total of 120,000 miles to raise cash and protest against the slaughter of whales.There also is talk that the private company might go public, selling stock to raise more cash for growth.By eliminating this technique to raise cash without realizing a capital gain, the Treasury proposes to force investors to pay up.To raise the cash they need, managers give their bankers a three-year business plan.Can Mr Trump raise the cash to buy the PIKs by next June, when his extendible option expires?
cashcash2 verb [transitive] cash a cheque/postal order/draft etccashable adjective cash in cash up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
cashThen she sees Trotter's purse lying open with the money she has cashed from the county welfare.And all the departing officers would be allowed to immediately cash in any of their unvested options and restricted stock.No interest paid if cashed in within first year.
From King Business Dictionarycashcash1 /kæʃ/ noun [uncountable]FINANCE1money in the form of notes and coins, rather than cheques, credit cards etcI’m bringing $400 in traveller’s cheques and $100 in cash.All deals are done in hard cash or by bank transfer. see also e-cash petty cash2pay cash to pay for something immediately with money or a cheque, rather than at a later timeAre you paying cash or do you have an account?3money rather than shares, bonds etcInstead of paying cash for their bonds, they can offer bondholders common shares.The real debt crisis won’t come until next year, when it must start paying cash instead of paper to some debt holders. see also documents against cash4money that is immediately available, for example in bank accounts or in the form of shares etc that can be easily soldThe company has $1 billion in ready cash and the ability to borrow much more.5cash negative having more money going out of a business than coming in6cash positive having more money coming into a business than going out vault cashcashcash2 verb BANKING cash a cheque/postal order/draft etc to exchange a cheque etc for cashCan you cash my traveller’s cheques here? cash in cash out cash up→ See Verb tableOrigin cash1 (1500-1600) French casse money box, from Old Italian cassa, from Latin capsa; CASE1