case law

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case lawˈcase law noun [uncountable] SCL law a type of law that is based on decisions judges have made in the past
Examples from the Corpus
case lawIt is helpful therefore to look at the pre-1991 case law to understand how the welfare principle operates in practice.There is now a small body of case law illustrating the application of the reasonableness test by the courts.These are expressed with differing degrees of formality in the form of statutory provisions, case law and conventions of the constitution.Because the Internet is new, there is little relevant case law in this area.This has less support in the case law than the previous two tests.My own views as to the proper limits of jurisdictional control will be spelt out after a consideration of the case law.After a consideration of the theories, the case law from both the nineteenth and twentieth centuries will be examined.The changing nature of the planning context, through case law, government policy and statute, demands continuing attention.
From King Business Dictionarycase lawˈcase law [uncountable]LAW law that is based on decisions that judges have made in the pastIn some respects European law is based more on case law than on statute. law