From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcarpetingcar‧pet‧ing /ˈkɑːpətɪŋ $ ˈkɑːr-/ noun 1 TIMDH[uncountable] carpets in general, or the material used for making them a spacious room with wall-to-wall carpeting (=covering the whole floor)2 [countable] British English informal an occasion when you talk to someone in an angry way because they have done something wrong He was called to the manager’s office for a carpeting.
Examples from the Corpus
carpetingIf not to be covered by carpeting, fill with the appropriate shade of wood filler or wood plugs.He'd imagined expensive good taste - big sofas, neutral carpeting, antiques, safe pictures chosen for their investment potential.Crates were opened, back rooms of small shops were searched, new rolls of carpeting unpacked.Yes, plain carpeting from the Allied Stainshield collection is guaranteed suitable for town living.A few cane chairs with bright cushions stood near the windows, whose heavy drapes matched the carpeting.I laid the shotgun and the box of shells down on the carpeting.Carole and I have planted various carpeting plants to complement the winter interest shrubs.I ran the length of the new hallway, with its Wilton carpeting, faux hunting prints and brocaded wallpaper.