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carpentrycar‧pen‧try /ˈkɑːpəntri $ ˈkɑːr-/ noun [uncountable] TICthe skill or work of a carpenter
Examples from the Corpus
carpentryFong knew they were beautiful, but still he remembered his resolutions and refused to do any carpentry for anyone but himself.Carvers' chisels differ from carpentry chisels in the way they are sharpened.Veneers were used only to mask carpentry mistakes.He did not do his rattan work or carpentry with the same neatness.The box bellows is a simple device which can be constructed by anyone with rudimentary carpentry skills.The security of a government-funded human services position had been an improvement over the uncertainty of a solo carpentry business.Would the result have been the same if the original agreed price for the carpentry had been a fair price?