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cardholdercard‧hold‧er /ˈkɑːdˌhəʊldə $ ˈkɑːrdˌhoʊldər/ noun [countable] BFBsomeone who has a credit card
Examples from the Corpus
cardholderThe result is that some 600,000 cardholders cut up their cards.There will also be other special benefits on offer to him as a cardholder.For cardholders, it often means the chance to help support an organization every time they charge something.The magazine retails at 8O pence, but is free to all Spend & Save cardholders.The spring/summer magazine appeared as Spend & Save cardholders numbered more than one million.Among the biggest losers was Barclaycard, which paid out £600,000 to cardholders who used their plastic to buy bonded spirit.
From King Business Dictionarycardholdercard‧hold‧er /ˈkɑːdˌhəʊldəˈkɑːrdˌhoʊldər/ noun [countable] BANKINGsomeone who has a credit cardEach cardholder has a set limit that can be borrowed at any one time.