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ldoce_800_pcarcar /kɑː $ kɑːr/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 TTCa vehicle with four wheels and an engine, that can carry a small number of passengers Dan got out of the car and locked the door. He isn’t old enough to drive a car I always go to work by car. Coughlan was killed in a car accident.2 sleeping/dining/buffet car3 American EnglishTTR a train carriage4 Tthe part of a lift, balloon, or airship in which people or goods are carriedGRAMMAR: Patterns with carYou say get in a car or get into a car: He got into the car and drove away. Don’t say: get on a carYou say get out of a car: We got out of the car to see what had happened. Don’t say: get off the carYou say that someone is in a car: I like to listen to the radio when I’m in the car. Don’t say: on a carYou go somewhere by car: It’s quicker to get there by car. Don’t say: by a carCOLLOCATIONSverbsgo/travel by carI try to use public transport instead of going by car.get in/into a carThe man stopped and she got into the car.get out of a carHe got out of the car and went into the newsagent’ a carIn England you can learn to drive a car when you are 17.have/own a carDo you have a car?run a car (=have a car and pay for the petrol, repairs etc it needs)People on low incomes can’t afford to run a car.take the car (=use a car to go somewhere)Is it all right if I take the car this evening?park a carShe parked the car by the side of the road.back/reverse a car (=make it move backwards)Suzy backed the car into the driveway.lose control of the car (=no longer be able to control its direction)He lost control of the car on a sharp bend.a car passes/overtakes somebodyA small black car overtook me on my left.a car drives off/awayThe police car drove off at top speed.a car pulls out (=moves away from the side of the road)A car suddenly pulled out in front of me.a car slows downThe car slowed down and stopped outside our house.a car pulls up (=stops)Why’s that police car pulling up here?a car pulls over (=stops on the side of a road)a car breaks down (=stops working because something is wrong with it)On the way home on the motorway the car broke down.a car stalls (=stops working for a short time until you start it again)My car stalled at the traffic lights.a car hits something/crashes into somethingI saw the car leave the road and hit a tree.a car skids (=slides sideways in a way you cannot control)If it’s icy, the car might + NOUNa car crash/accident (also a car wreck American English)He was involved in a car crash.a car parkShe couldn’t find a space in the car park.a car door/engine/key etcShe left the car engine running.the car industryThe car industry suffers in times of economic decline.a car manufacturer/makerHe works for the German car manufacturer, Mercedes.a car driverEvery year 1500 car drivers and passengers die in road accidents.a car dealer (=someone who buys and sells used cars)Car dealers reported a 4% drop in sales. a car chaseThe best bit in the movie was the car chase through the crime British EnglishCar crime in the area has risen rapidly.a car bomb (=a bomb hidden in or under a car)A car bomb exploded killing 33 people.ADJECTIVES/NOUNS + cara used/second-hand car (=one that is not new)The company locates suitable new and used cars for buyers.a sports car (=a low fast car)He was driving a red sports estate car British English (=one with a door at the back and folding seats)Once you have children, an estate car is very useful.a racing car (also a race car American English)He became a racing car driver.a police carThe vehicle was being chased by a police car.a company car (=one that your company gives you to use)She was given a company car.a hire car British English, a rental car American EnglishWe picked up a hire car at the airport.
Examples from the Corpus
carCars were parked on both sides of the road.Further reports on lighting and car loans will be presented to the council in coming months.But that law can't be used to stop people selling heaters at car boot sales.I stayed in the dining car, drinking a glass of red wine.You can take my car to work today if you need to.To make such trips affordable, students drive their own cars, following the teachers.Out on the street the man escorted Lee to a green-and-white squad car.That car collided with the vehicle in which Waltrick was riding.The thugs stole £20 from his wallet before fleeing the car park at Reading, Berks.He had trouble getting the car on the phone and he finally located one.The car where Uday met his fate?
From King Business DictionaryCARCAR FINANCEthe abbreviation for capital adequacy ratioOrigin car (1800-1900) car carriage ((14-19 centuries)), from Anglo-French carre, from Latin carrus