Word family noun capabilityincapability adjective capableincapable adverb capably
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capabilityca‧pa‧bil‧i‧ty /ˌkeɪpəˈbɪləti/ ●●○ AWL noun (plural capabilities) [countable] 1 CANthe natural ability, skill, or power that makes a machine, person, or organization able to do something, especially something difficult the country’s manufacturing capabilitycapability to do something Does the company have the capability to change to meet market needs? I can speak French, but simultaneous translation is beyond my capabilities (=too difficult).2 PMthe ability that a country has to take a particular kind of military actionmilitary/nuclear etc capability America’s nuclear capability
Examples from the Corpus
capabilityIt is generally sensible to limit the additional capabilities that the new desktop publishing product will give you to the bare minimum.Reputation is a base of power stemming from others who have a favorable opinion of your work and capabilities.This gives SuperCalc an impressive extra capability.The patrol plane has an infrared capability, so that searches can be made in the dark.The search can then focus on identifying those who exhibit the necessary leadership capabilities and track record.Different mental capabilities are found in specific locations in the brain.This was disturbing news to the South, whose naval capabilities were modest.Its superscalar capabilities are not aggressive, but a higher clock rate is expected.Man Ray explored the capabilities of the camera to their fullest extent.It is unclear whether the country has the capability to produce nuclear weapons.The country is nearing the capability to produce nuclear weapons.The Intel version shares the capabilities of the portable source Unix version and is said to be easy to install.This computer system gives the user the capability of accessing huge amounts of data.beyond ... capabilitiesThe sustained discipline required to keep accounts was boringly time-consuming and beyond the capabilities of most.Ads shouldn't show machines performing beyond their capabilities.In order to porpoise, baleen whales must reach four times their normal cruising speed - probably beyond their capabilities.Many incidents and accidents are caused by lack of experience and the pilot unwittingly putting himself into situations beyond his capabilities.Extended writing projects are usually beyond their capabilities, and what is produced may be illegible and of poor quality.military/nuclear etc capabilityControl over these armed forces and the massive nuclear capability is uncertain.With Bevin he also believed that Britain would have much less influence in Washington without some nuclear capability of her own.