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campercamp‧er /ˈkæmpə $ -ər/ noun [countable] 1 DLOsomeone who is staying in a tent or shelter2 DLO (also camper van British English) a vehicle that has cooking equipment and beds in it3 American English a special type of tent on wheels that has cooking equipment and beds in it4 American English a child who is taking part in a camp5 happy camper
Examples from the Corpus
camperThe Judah area used to be an area where the trolls and car campers would be left alone.The Alvord Lake area is now a favorite hangout for homeless campers and drug dealers.Butlin of course wanted to keep campers in the camps.By late Friday evening, the campsite was already half full with more campers arriving by the minute.Thompson recommends campers come as early as possible on Friday nights for weekend camping.Are they Jonathan-Kinging all-year round campers or something?This summer, campers will be flocking to them like never before.It is a pristine waterway and kept that way by the many thoughtful campers that use the faculties along the way.