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calypsoca‧lyp‧so /kəˈlɪpsəʊ $ -soʊ/ noun (plural calypsos) [countable] APMa type of Caribbean song based on subjects of interest in the news
Examples from the Corpus
calypsoOther facilities include two swimming pools and nightly entertainment featuring steel bands, limbo dancing and calypso music.Then they do this awesome calypso reggae stuff.Its theme was simply the current battle for supremacy between calypso and the Twist.She could only blame the sun, and the sea, and the insidious calypso music.He was in full melodic voice, singing the latest calypso, and did not hear Stephen's shouts of outrage.Here you can snorkel or simply relax with a beer and enjoy the sounds of Neville's calypso and reggae music.But whereas calypso now only rarely contains a political message reggae almost always does.
Origin calypso (1900-2000) Probably from Efik ka isu go on