From King Business Dictionarycallbackcall‧back /ˈkɔːlbækˈkɒːl-/ noun [countable]1HUMAN RESOURCES an occasion when someone is asked to come back, especially for another job interviewManagers often request callbacks in order to find out more about the candidate or to introduce him or her to other members of a department.2a telephone call that you make back to someone who called you earlierMore than half of the problems are resolved promptly by the agency and do not require callbacks to customers.3COMMERCEan occasion when a customer takes goods back to a store, or complains about goods or services, because there is something wrongWe used to get two or three callbacks a month for unlevel cabinets, and now we don’t get any.4HUMAN RESOURCES an occasion when someone has to go back in to work in order to deal with a serious situation thereEmployees receive double the normal rate of pay for a callback on the employee’s regular day of rest.