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calciumcal‧ci‧um /ˈkælsiəm/ ●●○ noun [uncountable] HCEa silver-white metal that helps to form teeth, bones, and chalk. It is a chemical element: symbol Ca
Examples from the Corpus
calciumIn one path, the 40K decays to a calcium isotope, 40Ca.Control: Watering regularly, especially when fruits are swelling, and apply Chempak calcium nitrate.During calcium ingestion, factors such as calcitonin might attenuate bone resorption, while bone calcium deposition continues.Just keep the oocyte in a medium that is lacking in calcium.Since compliance is a problem with disulfiram, this shorter duration of action would appear to limit the effectiveness of calcium carbamide.It also favours a small quantity of calcium.And another for six to twelve year olds, with extra vitamins plus calcium and iron.They both participate in the regulation of the concentration of serum calcium.
Origin calcium (1800-1900) Modern Latin Latin calx; CHALK1