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cabaretcab‧a‧ret /ˈkæbəreɪ $ ˌkæbəˈreɪ/ noun 1 [countable, uncountable]APMAPD entertainment, usually with music, songs, and dancing, performed in a restaurant or club while the customers eat and drink a cabaret singer2 [countable]DLC a restaurant or club where this is performed the most famous Parisian cabaret, the Moulin Rouge
Examples from the Corpus
cabaretApart from an uncle who played in a cabaret band, his family was non-musical.The two girls, it transpired, did not work in a cabaret but assisted at a gambling salon.Melvin can turn the depressed joint into a cabaret.Only four establishments in this city of 44,000 qualify as cabarets -- places that serve alcohol and allow dancing.A Montgomery County sheriffs deputy reported he saw Monnett hit another man outside the controversial cabaret.The city is currently staging it's first ever lesbian and gay festival with events like plays, cabaret and films.The duty manager had to drag her off the dance-floor during the cabaret show.A traditional cabaret lounge and a Broadway-style theater seat about 500 passengers for elaborate revues and celebrity showcases.
CabaretCabaret (1972) a US film with singing and dancing, in which Liza Minelli appears as a singer in a nightclub who lives with her lover in Berlin in the 1930s before the Nazis took complete powerOrigin cabaret (1600-1700) French drinking place, bar, probably from Late Latin camera room