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bylawby‧law /ˈbaɪlɔː $ -lɒː/ noun [countable] 1 SCLa law made by a local government that people in that area must obey2 American EnglishBB a rule made by an organization to control the people who belong to it
Examples from the Corpus
bylawFishing on this river is forbidden under a local bylaw.
From King Business Dictionarybylawby‧law /ˈbaɪlɔː-lɒː/ (also byelaw) noun [countable]1LAW a local government law that must be obeyed by the people living in an area, or people visiting ita bylaw banning public drinking in the town centre2a rule made by a company or organization that must be obeyed by the people working for itOrigin bylaw (1200-1300) Probably from an unrecorded Old Norse bylög, from byr town + lög law