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by-electionˈby-eˌlection, bye-election noun [countable] especially British EnglishPPV a special election to replace a politician who has left parliament or diedgeneral election
Examples from the Corpus
by-electionShortly after the appearance of the article in Marxism Today, Labour lost a by-election in Greenwich.If the Tories lose every by-election, the odds change.Every by-election from now on must be a Labour or Lib Dem victory.In March 1918 Nina Boyle, offering herself as a test case, announced that she would stand in the Keighley by-election.He said the party has a good record in recent by-elections and he was confident this success could be repeated.November's by-election was to a large extent a media circus.This strategy must be explained clearly and positively to the public, and especially within by-election constituencies.