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butlerbut‧ler /ˈbʌtlə $ -ər/ noun [countable] BODHthe main male servant of a house
Examples from the Corpus
butlerI have heard of various instances of a butler being displayed as a kind of performing monkey at a house party.Gottfried had the gentle, self-deprecating air of a good butler and like a good butler he missed very little.Lesser butlers will abandon their professional being for the private one at the least provocation.Poet Isaac Rosenfeld played the surly butler.The door at the end of the room opened swiftly and the butler appeared.The head of the staff was the butler, of course, a Mr Devenport.The butler inserted a hooked finger into his collar, grimaced and huffed.
Origin butler (1200-1300) Old French bouteillier bottle-carrier, from bouteille; BOTTLE1