Word family noun burial adjective buried verb bury
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burialbur‧i‧al /ˈberiəl/ ●●○ noun [countable, uncountable] 1 MXthe act or ceremony of putting a dead body into a grave2 the act of burying something in the groundburial of the burial of solid waste
Examples from the Corpus
burialThe price of a more elaborate service and burial looks to be £17,000.Painter Betina Fink's new series, Ancestral Park, focuses on a contemporary burial ground near her home.The patina the bronzes had acquired during burial was much admired, and people assumed that they had originally been patinated.The tilting of the layers tells us of a period of gentle deformation that followed burial of the sediments.Interor intra-mural burials were not typically observed within the houses of the Indus cities.The ancient Israelites set great store by proper burial.Still, I feel certain our days at the burial site are numbered.However, the survival of certain types of artefact is as much the result of various factors prior to burial as to post-depositional processes.
Origin burial (1400-1500) burial place where a body is buried ((13-17 centuries)), from Old English byrgels