From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbureaucraticbu‧reau‧crat‧ic /ˌbjʊərəˈkrætɪk◂ $ ˌbjʊr-/ ●○○ adjective COMPLICATEDinvolving a lot of complicated official rules and processesbureaucratically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
bureaucraticThe procedure for getting funding approval is so bureaucratic!Yet government was not in any strict sense bureaucratic.Postmodernism points to a more organic, less differentiated enclave of organization than those dominated by the bureaucratic designs of modernity.By some bureaucratic error I was never recalled, and because of this I never became a Giovane Fascista.The administrators in Gamma behave in accordance with the bureaucratic ideal.The assumption that large authorities are costly and bureaucratic is wrong, according to the Regional Council.But the bureaucratic model developed in conditions very different from those we experience today.Trying to enforce the law regulating the length of passenger buses has been a bureaucratic nightmare.One such is the following chart, which can be used to devise typical bureaucratic phrases that sound impressive but mean nothing.Chennault and Alsop were losing the bureaucratic war.
From King Business Dictionarybureaucraticbu‧reau‧crat‧ic /ˌbjʊərəˈkrætɪk◂ˌbjʊr-/ adjective disapproving involving or having a lot of complicated and unnecessary official rulesThe group has had a history of being very bureaucratic and very slow moving