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bureaucratbu‧reau‧crat /ˈbjʊərəkræt $ ˈbjʊr-/ ●○○ noun [countable] BOSTRICTsomeone who works in a bureaucracy and uses official rules very strictly
Examples from the Corpus
bureaucratBut taking power from the politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats does not of itself make power disappear.These women work harder and with more style than any bureaucrat or professor, and they're much more interesting.He was far from being a stuffy bureaucrat.The bureaucrats imposed rules and regulations on big business.Plenty of obstacles, from tax codes to bureaucrats, remain.
From King Business Dictionarybureaucratbu‧reau‧crat /ˈbjʊərəkrætˈbjʊr-/ noun [countable] an official working in a bureaucracy, especially one who obeys the rules very strictlythe politicians and bureaucrats who run the EU