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bullseyebulls‧eye, bull’s-eye /ˈbʊlzaɪ/ noun [countable] 1 DGDMIDDLEthe centre of a target that you try to hit when shooting or in games like darts SYN bull2 British EnglishDFF a large hard round sweet
Examples from the Corpus
bullseyeThe targets are black men with superimposed concentric circles declining to a solid, black bullseye.So they must have thought they were still going in a straight line heading for the bullseye.They were heading for the bullseye to begin with, but then the target started to accelerate it speeded up.Like when you first started accelerating: the beams still hit the bullseye - more or less.Swindon Town's new scoring machine hits the bullseye once more.Any way you look at it, the beams miss the bullseye and hit the outer ring.As with the first beams, they were landing on the side of the bullseye closest to the rear of the craft.The beam carried on in a straight line, and hit the point where the bullseye ought to have been.